• Phoenix park, South Korea

Baking with Robo: Oatdoor bars

I used to make my own granola bars when living in Canada. On Thursday afternoons the town would host a farmers market where I sold them for $2.50 each. They were packed with goodness: almond butter, chia seeds, cashew nuts and goji berries. Last Saturday I made these Oatdoor bars from an existing recipe out […]


A weekend on the West Coast

“Now let me welcome everybody to the wild, wild west. A state that’s untouchable like Elliot Ness,” – Dr. Dre on the first verse of “California Love.” The West Coast of the South Island is a place of great beauty. Unfortunately people miss a lot of it, hurrying past it on their way to Wanaka or […]


Getting food from the beach & garden

“When hungry, eat! When sleepy, sleep!” – Wisdom by my Mom, Fely Pujalte   New Zealand is known for its pristine nature. It deserves this title. Thanks to the lack of people compared to most western countries it has less pollution and generally more space per individual. What does that mean? It means more gardens and […]


My meeting with a Velociraptor

  “We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out” – Colin Mochrie     Canada has its moose, Australia has its wallaby’s, and Ecuador has its lama’s, New Zealand has its birds. It has some of the strangest ones. They are quite cheeky, like the Kea. This oversized mountain parrot loves to […]